We offer a wide variety of activities including water sports, beach fun, cultural and safari excursions as well as island nature walks and exploration. There are also events and activities on some of the other Ssese Islands to which we can transport you to. The choice is yours, whether to simply relax and take in the island beauty and the Serendipity Holiday Resort facilities or mix it up with some exhilarating experiences of African life.

Activities at the Serendipity Holiday Resort Lake Victoria

Here are just a few things on offer right on your doorstep and there is even more to offer with excursions to the mainland. We are here to ensure that your stay with us will be a most memorable one, so please do not hesitate in asking us to accommodate your sightseeing and holiday needs...

Exhilarating Water Sports!


Get the thrill of taking a ride in a Seabreacher or even on it! You can jet across the surface, dive under the water and leap out again, as well as roll, twist and turn at incredible speed.


Fly high above the water like a jet pack astronaut on a Jetovator which generates water pressure through a jet ski hose so that you can fly at all angles and even dive in and out of the water.

Freedom Flyer

The Freedom Flyer is an adapted Jetovator which not only gives a different flying sensation but can also be used for the less physically abled person and can perform all the same stunts.


With the sensation of a parachute you shall be lifted to view inspiring heights safely above the beauty of Lake Victoria as you are controlled by the speed boat which is towing you around.
Water Activities by Parascending
Water Activities by Parascending

Banana Boat

Providing fun and laughter with this all time classic water ride on the Banana Boat. Fun for all ages! Take a trip with friends or family, either way it's simply a fun time to share.
Banana Boat Fun Activities
Banana Boat Fun Activities

Jet Skis

Having fun on the water with friends couldn't be easier than with the hire of a Jet Ski. Control where you go at your own speed, explore, take in the views, relax or race around...

Island Activities Are Just As Fun!

Zip Wires

As well as providing spectacular views from one of the forest regions, you can also enjoy the thrill of our zip wires as you descend over great heights across the beauty of the natural terrain.
Zip Wire Descent
Zip Wire Descent

Quad Trekking

Explore Bukasa Island with some sporty fun as you do so, by going on one of our quad trekking trips guiding you to all the best view points and stopping to see the wildlife and plants.

Or Slow Down The Pace...

Nature Walks

Escape the world, forget about exciting sports activities and return to nature on one of our Bukasa Island Tours and truly take in all that mother earth has to offer as you enjoy island walks.


Choose whether to fish from the shore line or out on a boat, day or night, either way you are set to enjoy yourself as you relax, fishing for Tilapia and you can even eat whatever you catch.

And There's More...

Take time out from your relaxation and enjoy some light recreation such as Table Tennis, Court Tennis or Volleyball, or simply enjoy watching the world go by at one of our beach bars or pool sides.