Ssese island nature provides a home to many species of birds including hornbills, turacos, barbets, flycatchers, kingfishers, fish eagles, weavers, pelicans and robin-chats among others. The animals on the islands include the vervet monkey, bushbuck, monitor lizards, otters and black and white colobus and hippos and more. A sanctuary of chimpanzees is found on one of the islands. The islands are blessed with serene sandy beaches, palm trees, exotic plants, flowers and trees.

Bukasa Island Nature Is The Heartbeat Of Serendipity

For such a small island, Bukasa packs a wealth of tranquility, wildlife and natural, unspoiled, breathtaking beauty. Also known as "The Fortune Of Africa" it is easy to see why. Enjoy leisurely island nature walks by yourself or on one of our guided island tours and you can even take a dip at the island's waterfall and plunge pool.

Live Life At Your Pace



Why would a landlocked African nation appear on a list of desert islands? Thank Lake Victoria. The Ssese Islands tick all the right boxes for an island paradise - golden beaches, whispering palm trees, exotic flora and fauna - they just happen to be in the middle of Africa's largest lake.



We also offer Quad Trekking around the island, trips to other islands including the Chimpanzee Sanctuary at Ngamba and even Safari's for the more adventurous...