There are a few options of transportation to get to the Serendipity Holiday Resort and all of them are relatively inexpensive, however, time is the issue as some methods can prove to be seemingly never ending, which is not what you want after a long flight to Entebbe. But there is no need to despair because we are here to assist and can even be waiting for you as you step off of the plane, meet and greet you and transport you direct.

We Have The Only Private Hovercraft On Lake Victoria

Use our VIP service! We can collect you from Entebbe and taxi you to the coast where you can board our very own private hovercraft which seats up to 25 passengers. Faster than the ferry and local boats, it will take you direct to the beach area of the Serendipity Holiday resort.

Transportation Options From Entebbe


Our hovercraft makes several trips back and forth to the mainland and to some of the other Ssese Islands on a daily basis, however, our priority is always to our guests.

The journey from the coast of Entebbe (at the landing area of Kisubi) to the Serendipity Holiday Resort is approximately 70 minutes compared to the 3.5 hour trip by ferry which will still only take you to Kalangala.

At the main reception area at the Serendipity Holiday Resort we always display and notify guests of our hovercrafts movements so that we can accommodate any requests which you may have.


Ferry Transportation
The Ferry from Nakiwogo, Entebbe to Kalangala on the main island of Bugala only runs once per day and takes about 3.5hrs for the crossing. This is very cheap but often crowded and can be uncomfortable.

From Kalangala it is possible to hire a small local boat in order to continue your journey to Bukasa Island or we can make arrangements for you. The second leg of your journey may take another hour or more. So although this process is very cheap, it is also very tiring and time consuming.


It is possible to hire a private boat from the Kasenyi landing site to Banda Island, there are small wooden boats departing from Kasenyi, a fishing village 7km off Entebbe-Kampala road. Likewise it is also possible to hire a private boat from Kisubi which is closer to Entebbe airport but further away from Bukasa Island.

Private boat hire is generally readily available though negotiated prices may vary. Travel times on private boats may also vary just as the comfort levels may vary too.

Local Plane

About 40 minutes drive from Entebbe airport is the small plane airport of Kajjansi where you can hire a private flight to the landing strip on Bukasa Island and we can meet you on arrival. These are small aircraft and flying time is only about 30 minutes and the views can be spectacular.

Some pilots operate as individual businesses and others are part of a larger group. Though this maybe the quickest way to get to Bukasa Island, it is also the most expensive and be prepared to negotiate.
If you require assistance or have any questions relating to your journey to the secret island of Bukasa, please do not hesitate in contacting us prior to your arrival and we shall assist and advise, or we can simply organise everything on your behalf.